We cook fresh every day

Directly on site or in one of our more than 30 regional kitchens. Freshness is not only a priority for us, but also a daily reality. Balanced catering not only promotes performance and well-being, but also ensures that guests of all ages feel good and are fed healthily. The food should be varied, healthy and, above all, delicious.
Good taste is influenced not only by the appropriate choice of ingredients, but also by consistency, appearance and smell. The quality of the food and the freshness of the preparation play a decisive role here.

To ensure the fresh taste, we cook directly in your kitchen in school or kindergarten or, if you do not have your own kitchen, in one of our regional kitchens. These are distributed throughout Germany and are therefore in the immediate vicinity of your facility. This allows for flexible delivery over short distances.
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Freshly cooked in your kitchen

  • Directly in the kitchen of facility we cook fresh on-site
  • The food is served with a smile by our service staff
  • By arrangement and in compliance with hygiene and safety regulations, our guests are welcome to look over our shoulder while we cook
  • We would also be happy to advise you on having your own kitchen on-site

Freshly cooked in our kitchens

  • We operate over 30 of our own regional kitchens throughout Germany
  • This means that freshly cooked meals are also possible for facilities without their own kitchens or equipment
  • The food is prepared in our kitchens and delivered to your facility in a short time
  • The food is delivered to your facility on time, strictly adhering to the standing time
  • Depending on the form of preparation, the food is either regenerated or directly prepared and served
  • The service can be carried out by our staff as well as by the staff of the facility

The individual procedures of the respective institution also require flexible solutions in some cases. We therefore also offer to carry out part of the preparation in our own kitchens and another part, for example the preparation of salads or side dishes, on your premises – so-called combi cooking.

This is how our food is prepared

Delivered warm or regenerated on site. Our regional kitchens are equipped with modern equipment. This enables us, as a food provider for various areas, to ensure fresh and high-quality catering with efficient processes.
The catering forms differ in their processes, but not in their freshness. You decide which system suits your processes better. We will be happy to advise you.
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Hot kitchen

We prepare the meals freshly for your day care centre or school in our regional kitchens. Thanks to our optimised logistics, we deliver the meals to your facility on time, hot and in the right quality, using short routes and strictly adhering to the standing times and transport guidelines.

Heat and cold insulating thermoports maintain the temperature and protect the food. Our transport system ensures that even very delicate foodstuffs such as steamed fish fillets or vegetable cutlets arrive in very good condition. On-site warming trolleys secure the temperature until the end of the lunch break.

Cook & Chill

With this method, the food is prepared in our regional kitchens and then delivered to your facility. The difference with this method is, among other things, that the cooking process is paused shortly before the end and the food is cooled down to 1 to 4 °C using a special rapid cooling process.

Without interrupting the cold chain, we transport the food to you in refrigerated vehicles in strict compliance with the transport guidelines. At your facility, the food is then regenerated in modern equipment precisely at break time, given a final culinary polish and served. This preserves nutrients and vitamins as well as taste and consistency on the spot.

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Cook & Chill at VielfaltMenü

In this video we explain the preparation process and the advantages of the Cook & Chill method.


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