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The aim of VielfaltMenü's compliance program is to ensure compliance with both legal requirements and internal guidelines. The program places demands on company management that go beyond the statutory regulations.
The business principles are part of the compliance program. These principles commit us to ethical and legally correct conduct. They include regulations on business relationships, non-competition clauses, conflicts of interest and data protection. The business principles apply equally to management, executives and employees.
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Whistleblower system

At VielfaltMenü, integrity and compliance with laws and internal regulations have the highest priority. In order to ensure compliance with these values and to avoid or minimize possible risks from violations, it is crucial that misconduct is identified, clarified and remedied at an early stage. A whistleblower platform has been set up to fulfill the legal obligations and a process has been established to clarify incoming information.

To the whistleblower platform

Declaration of Principles Human Rights

VielfaltMenü is aware of its responsibility in society and its obligation to respect human rights. We align our business activities accordingly and pay strict attention to the observance of human rights in our company. We expect the same from our business partners.

Business Partner Codex

The Business Partner Codex is based on the business principles that apply to VielfaltMenü employees. The basis of our actions both within VielfaltMenü and towards customers, suppliers and other business partners and stakeholders is compliant and ethically impeccable behavior. We attach great importance to fair and trusting business relationships.
Business Partner Codex