Catering for daycare centers with VielfaltMenü

Ensuring daycare children eat a well-balanced diet is near and dear to everyone’s hearts. At VielfaltMenü we offer child-friendly menus and parent-friendly service.

Parents can easily order and pay for their meals – entirely online if they wish, and at a fair price. We are the only caterer to offer a solution of this kind that’s tailored to your needs.
In our regional kitchens, we aim to use fresh ingredients from the surrounding area, and refer to the criteria set out by the DGE (Germany Nutrition Society). Of course, we also pay attention to the Nutri-Score and work together with ProVeg. Every day, we serve over 100,000 meals to children thanks to our flexible regional kitchens with fresh food on site.

Our 360-degree catering with family-friendly service will delight you and children, as well as parents. We make it possible.
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Our strengths at a glance

Healthy cooking methods to preserve vitamins and nutrients
Wide range of plant-based dishes
No genetically-engineered ingredients, flavour enhancers, artificial flavours and colours
Fresh and seasonal ingredients, whole grains and organic products
Regional cuisines
Nutri-Score rated dishes
DGE-certified locations
Dishes for those with food allergies and intolerances available upon request
State-certified dieticians

Our concept

Cooking for the youngest is a challenge. It should taste good, and be healthy and affordable. We successfully do so by developing balanced concepts that appeal to youth. Combine different modules to get a solution that fits your requirements. From lunch and snacks to a refreshing vitamin snack plate, the choice is yours. Of course, we will be happy to advise you with our expertise.

We source many organic ingredients as standard. 100 percent organic menus are also available upon request. We are equally flexible when it comes to beverages. Water, unsweetened teas, milk and plant-based drinks refresh, provide energy and help to grow up. Because children’s well-being is our top priority.

Lunch &
much more

Delicious from morning to evening. Every day care centre has individual daily routines. At VielfaltMenü, we therefore adapt our nursery catering individually to the needs of the respective facility. Our kindergarten catering services range from breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner, for example for daycare centres with long opening hours. And if the daycare group is on the road, we also offer packed lunches to take home. Because daycare catering has to be healthy, tasty and also flexible.


The first meal of the day should give the children energy for their exciting day. Sometimes there are sandwiches and wholemeal bread with homemade spreads, complemented by vegetables or fresh fruit, sometimes a low-sugar muesli or creamy quark. It is especially nice when the first meal of the day is eaten together as a group. This creates an atmosphere of well-being, especially for the youngest children.


We cook fresh every day. Our lunch dishes are balanced and varied. In most cases, the facilities choose which dishes the children like best. We are happy to advise you on this based on our experience. We offer several menu lines to choose from, at least one vegetarian alternative every day and we pay attention to the guidelines of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for the optimal design of the menus for the day care centre.


We offer a variety of snacks to give the children energy to play between the main meals. Vegetable sticks with dip, sandwiches or small banana muffins - the selection is colourful and tasty.

Vitamin Snack Plate

Children need vitamins and minerals to grow. And with bite-sized pieces, little ones have been shown to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is also the approach of the Vitamin Snack Plate, which convinces with a colorful variety of salads, fruits, vegetables and desserts.


Drinks are also part of a well-balanced kindergarten catering. Drinking plenty of water is important, especially if you are on the move all day like the little explorers. We are happy to coordinate our beverage selection, such as water or unsweetened teas, with you individually.

Lunch packages

For excursions we offer tasty packed lunches. A cold midday snack, fruit and a drink ensure that the children don't go hungry even on discovery tours.


Just like on holiday. At the small child-friendly buffet, the children put together their own favourite meal from appetisingly arranged hot and cold dishes. Our buffet solution is available for our breakfast and lunch offers. Here, the children can choose, taste and enjoy as they please.

Allergies and intolerances

For children with common food allergies and intolerances, we offer different special meal plans. The menus are planned by our state-certified dietician. Our cooks prepare the meals separately under strict conditions before sealing them and labelling by name. The dishes are delivered separately from the regular dishes.

Our food concepts

Whether your own kitchen is on-site at your facility or freshly cooked and delivered from one of our local production kitchens, we will find the best solution for your needs.
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Our digital solution

  • Access the menu from anywhere
  • Parents easily order and cancel via app or website
  • Cashless payment with chip card or transponder
  • Various payment methods, cashless invoicing
  • 40-person customer service team via phone or email
  • Support with paperwork for subsidies, etc.

We make it. Personal.


For inquiries about your customer profile, transponder orders as well as orders and cancellations, please use the contact data of the service center or your customer account. Unfortunately, these messages cannot be processed via the contact form.

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How can I create a VielfaltMenü account?

Does your child attend a school or day care centre that serves food from VielfaltMenü? If so, you received an account code by email either from your institution or our Service Center. Use this code to start the online registration process.

Important: You need a valid email address to create an account.

Do I receive additional payments for lunch - what is Education and Participation Package (BuT)?

The different benefits for education and participation (BuT), also called Education Package, support children and adolescents and young adults from families who have less financial resources. These benefits allow your child to take advantage of offerings at school and during free time when you could not otherwise afford the cost. This includes, among other things, participation in a communal lunch program at school or kindergarten.
Many cities or communities also offer vouchers or special discounted rates. Please contact your city or community for more information. An overview of where you can get information on the benefits of the Education and Participation Package locally can be found at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

How does the co-payment for Education and Participation Package (BuT) work?

Please send us the approved application (copy by mail, by e-mail). We will process it immediately after receipt for the current month. Please understand that we cannot take into account months that have already been billed. These amounts will be returned to you directly from your granting office.

Do you have menus for food allergies or special dietary needs?

Yes, we offer at least the following four special dietary options: basic allergy meals, fructose-free meals, gluten-free meals and gluten-free without milk or eggs.

Allergy sufferers can choose from up to two menus per special food form, depending on the region and requirements.

We make it easy to order meals for your child with special dietary needs:

  1. Contact our service center and ask for the request form for special dietary needs or go to „Manage profile“ and click on the button Special food. There you will find the special food form for download.
  2. Fill out the paperwork and send it, together with a note from your child's doctor, to our service center.
  3. We'll take care of the rest. Once your application is approved, your child will receive a specially prepared meal every day from our local kitchen staff.

Where can I find my invoices?

You will find your invoices in the "My account" tab in the menu. Just click "Login | Order" and select the invoice period by clicking the calendar symbol. Alternatively, you can search for invoice numbers or print your invoices. The maximum retention period in our system is 18 months.

Why can't I order online?

When this happens, there are several possible explanations:

  • Online orders are not possible because your institution only uses food vouchers or places a group order.
  • The ordering window for this day is closed. In this case, the day will be shown in grey.
  • You may have overdue payments or your account balance is insufficient.
  • Your institution has paused ordering due to a public or school holiday, an excursion, etc.
  • You may have invalid items in your cart. After removing them, you will be able to place a new order.
  • Day care centres usually place a group order. If your institution places group orders, you will only be permitted to cancel meals.

What does payment in prepaid mean?

You have the option of making your transfer in advance (prepaid). This gives your customer account a credit balance that enables you to participate in the meal. The credit balance should always be replenished in good time, taking into account the bank working days.

More questions

We make it. Hands-on.

Nutrition game

The colorful nutrition game imparts valuable knowledge to children in daycare centers. It is about the variety, origin and nutritional benefits of food. As they roll the dice, the little ones encounter little riddles, games, songs, recipes, craft ideas and suggestions for outings.

It was developed on the basis of the nutrition circle of the DGE.

From farm to plate

Peas don't grow in a jar and cows aren't purple. We give children the chance to see this with their own eyes. On excursions to farms, vegetable gardens, dairies and other producers, they learn about how food is grown and processed.

Our sites

Berlin, Cottbus, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, Leipzig, Potsdam, Rostock, Stuttgart, Werder and many more.

We make it. APPetizing.

We want to make customers lives as convenient as possible. The VielfaltMenü app simplifies ordering, shows menus, and provides the latest invoicing information. The latter happens digitally. We also help you with paperwork for co-payments, subsidies and more. And if there is ever a question, we’re just a phone call or email away. Our 40-person customer service team are standing by to help.