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For daycare centres, schools, companies and the hospitality industry.

Whether at day care centres, school, and company or social institutions, you’re responsible for providing food to many each day. And you want more than just healthy, sustainable and affordable meals – you want to fully satisfy everyone involved. Discover VielfaltMenü.
Discover VielfaltMenü. We uniquely provide a solution that fits your requirements. That’s why we cook regional kitchens for children and adults alike. Children at daycares and schools, employees, athletes and more. Always precisely tailored to the needs. In catering, our variety ranges from child-friendly meals and home cooking to trendy food and recipes developed by celebrity chefs. We refer to the criteria set out by the DGE (Germany Nutrition Society), work together with ProVeg, and pay attention to the Nutri-Score.

Our fully digital processes make ordering, organizing and invoicing time-saving and efficient. Plus, our range of services make work easier – at a fair price. Be inspired by our 360-degree catering offer. We make it possible.
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We make it. Possible.


We aim to use regional products in our kitchens.


We plate up fresh, in-season vegetables to the greatest extent possible.


For a world worth living in. From resource-efficient short delivery routes to being social responsibility.


We love variety. Whether wide-ranging menus to digital solutions for processes.

Find the right catering solution for your needs.

Daycare centres

We make it.

Ensuring children eat a well-balanced diet is near and dear to everyone’s hearts. At VielfaltMenü we offer child-friendly menus and parent-friendly service.

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We make it.
Break friendly.

With varied menus and delicious dishes, we inspire children and young people. Breakfast, lunch, snacks - it's a fun way to take a break.

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Company restaurants

We make it.

Looking for healthy, sustainable and affordable meals for you and your colleagues? Our modular catering system ticks all the boxes.

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Care facilities

We make it.

For people in retirement and care homes, a high-quality menu is of the utmost importance. At VielfaltMenü, we attach great importance to ensuring that our meals taste good and are good for everyone at the table.

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Digital solutions

We make it.

Need digital tools to make ordering, organising and invoicing at your daycare, school or food services business as easy as possible? We offer the right solution.

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We make it.

Do you work in the hospitality industry? Whether in restaurants, hotels or the food retail business, as an event planner or as a regional caterer, we offer a range of profit-boosting ideas.

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This is VielfaltMenü

Variety is our claim. Because tastes are not the same. And because a colorful life is more varied. For us, variety stands not only for well-thought-out catering for kindergartens and schools but alswo for a healthy and balanced diet. We place special emphasis on the variety and balance fo our meal plans, which adhere to the criteria of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE)". This ensures that the meals are not only delicious but also meets the nutrional needs of children and adolescents.

Our service goes beyond the mere offering of meals. We provide a digital app that allow parents and guardians to view and conveniently manage the meal plans.

More information about our services.

Wir sind Mitglied

VielfaltMenü ist Gründungsmitglied des Verbands deutscher Schul- und Kitacaterer e.V. (VDSKC). Der Verband setzt sich bundesweit u.a. für einheitliche Qualitätsstandards in der Gemeinschaftsverpflegung, kostenfreies Mittagessen für alle Kinder in Bildungseinrichtungen, Ernährungsbildung in Schulen sowie nachhaltige Verpflichtungen für alle Anbieter ein. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Vernetzungsstellen der Bundesländer kooperiert der VDSKC aktiv mit Politik und Verwaltung, um optimale Rahmenbedingungen für die Versorgung von Kita-Kindern sowie von Schülerinnen und Schüler zu schaffen. Mittlerweile zählt der Verband 59 Mitgliedsunternehmen, die gemeinsam die Zukunft des Kita- und Schulcaterings gestalten. Zur VDSKC Webseite

We'll keep at it:
7% VAT standardized on food!

The return to a VAT rate of 19% in the food service industry also affects daycare and school meals. Nursery and school meals are much more than just food. It is crucial for children's development, educational equality and social participation. Because only those who eat a balanced diet during the break can concentrate on their lessons.

We'll keep at it - for the future of children.

Click here for the DEHOGA Federal Association's petition "7% standardized tax on food".


We make it. Informative.

From trends and inspiration for a healthy diet to news from our regional offices, we keep things exciting.

03-12-24 // Press release

On Healthy Eating Day, March 7, 2024, the cook@school cooking project inspired schoolchildren in Dresden

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12-01-23 // News

Healthy energy balls conquer the 2023 German Headmasters' and School Governors' Congress in Düsseldorf

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10-31-2023 // Press release

New ways of communicating: VielfaltMenü and Youtuber "Hier kocht Alex" inspire on social media

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10-17-23 // Press release

For seven years, our employees have been involved in fundraising campaigns for the Bärenherz children's hospice in Leipzig.

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