We make it. Digital.

A digital ordering, organizing and invoicing solution for your daycare centre, school or hospitality industry business lightens your workload. Find the best-fit solution with us. We understand your pain points inside and out thanks to many years of experience in catering and food services. Discover how digital solutions simplify processes and save you time and costs.

We make it.

  • Simplified processes: save costs and time
  • Digitalization: fast, reliable processing
  • Industry expertise: years of experience and tested systems
  • Data transparency: overview and planning security
  • All-inclusive package: zero effort maintenance or support
  • CO2 savings: for sustainable management

We make it. Comfortable.

We easily adapt the roles and operations to meet your specific requirements. The possibilities are endless with our tried and tested systems.

Master data management

All relevant data from menus to payment options are stored and can be conveniently maintained by you.

Meal plan management tool

Easily and reliably organize your menus and prep labels.

Online registration

Customers can register online and digitally adapt and manage their data at any time.

Order digitally

Setup and maintenance of the online ordering system and other services for customers – via browser or app.

Media for food lines

You can manage your modern menu display system with a card or transponder. Manual management also possible.

Payment management, accounting and invoicing

We offer you different payment options as well as digital management of incoming payments and credit management.

Payment reminders and collection management

We manage reminders for you and hand collections over to your bank.

Portfolio and reporting assessment

We create reports for you to help you optimize your ordering and use of goods.

Customer service and complaint management

Our call centre takes care of your customers, answers written inquiries and manage complaints.


Is training necessary?

Our experts show you and your team, on site or in a webinar, how to use different tools. In addition, easy-to-understand how-to guides are available.

How much effort should I plan for system maintenance?

None. We maintain the system and keep it up to date. This keeps the system up and running without a hitch.

Where is my data stored?

You back up your data on your server or in your cloud. VielfaltMenü does not have access to it.

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For inquiries about your customer profile, transponder orders as well as orders and cancellations, please use the contact data of the service center or your customer account. Unfortunately, these messages cannot be processed via the contact form.

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