Catering in medical facilities

In medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals, the quality of food plays a decisive role in the well-being and recovery of patients.

At VielfaltMenü, we are committed to ensuring that our meals are nutritionally balanced, meet the tastes of your patients and promote their health.

Healthy cuisine

Discover our extensive selection of healthy food and drinks, specially formulated to support your patients' recovery. Our meals are rich in essential nutrients and offer a variety of options to suit individual needs.


Our breakfast options include easily digestible meals such as rolls and bread with cold cuts and cheese, butter or margarine and jam. These provide energy and support recovery.


Rich in protein and vital nutrients, we offer a choice of different dishes for lunch: Whether normal, vegetarian or dietary food. We also serve yogurt, fruit or side salads to boost strength and promote the healing process.

Afternoon snack

In the afternoon, we offer cakes or pastries, such as low-fat sponge cake or fruit cake. We also serve hot drinks such as coffee or tea. Because sweets make you happy and support your well-being.

Evening catering

For dinner, we offer a selection of bread and cold cuts, including spreadable sausage, cold cuts, sliced cheese, cream cheese and Camembert. Occasionally we also serve sausage salad. We also serve butter or margarine and, depending on the season, a small piece of vegetable such as cucumber, tomato or radish. These meals promote good digestion and support a restful night's sleep for effective overnight regeneration.


The selection of refreshing drinks such as water, tea and diluted fruit juices supports hydration and promotes general health.

Special diets

In addition to a wide range of standard options, we also offer a variety of special diets that take various health conditions into account.

These include diets for diabetes, kidney disease and swallowing difficulties. In addition, we take religious and cultural dietary preferences very seriously and offer appropriate options.

Our high-quality nutritional concepts are designed to meet the individual needs of each patient and promote their health in the best possible way.

Freshly cooked ...

... in your kitchen.

  • We prepare fresh meals directly on site at your facility every day.
  • At lunchtime, our service staff serve the fresh food with a smile.
  • We also offer you individual advice from our own kitchen on site.

... in unseren Küchen.

  • We operate over 30 of our own regional kitchens throughout Germany.
  • This means that freshly cooked meals are also possible for facilities without their own kitchen or equipment.
  • The food is prepared daily in our kitchens and delivered to your facility within a short distance.
  • Depending on how it is prepared, the food is either regenerated or served immediately.

We make it. Personal.
Interested in a customized catering solution for your hospital? We look forward to working with you to develop a customized concept. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.


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