We make it. Sustainable.

Making conscious food choices is becoming increasingly important. In doing so, we rely on scientific findings, such as a growing acceptance of eating less meat. Serving as many organic products as possible is good for people and nature. Variety-rich meals nourishes the body with everything it needs. Many can’t achieve this in everyday life. That where we come in – and make sure every bite is delicious. Because food should be enjoyable.

We make it. Regional.

At over 30 locations in Germany, we are very close to our customers. We also work closely with local partners, for example bakers. This enables short and environmentally-friendly delivery routes. We source as many ingredients as possible from Germany and from regional producers.

We make it. Seasonal.

We serve as many in-season ingredients as possible because they taste best.

We make it. Organic.

Many of our sites are DE-ÖKO-070 certified. We also choose organic products whenever possible. Because it’s good for people and nature. We can also use 100 percent upon request.

We make it.

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Following this standard ensures the quality of our processes, food and services. We also strive to keep employees and guests happy. In addition, all our regional kitchens meet the same high standards.

Quality management at VielfaltMenü applies to all areas. This includes human resources as much as food production processes – from purchasing and transporting goods to cooking and customer service to service at the food counter. On-site checks ensure processes are correctly implemented.

We make it.

Of course, our partners also uphold the requirements of quality management, certifications and sustainability concepts. Certificates can be issued directly through our delivery partners – even retroactively. Our producer lists, a national producer database and a seasonal calendar lets us ensure the quality of VielfaltMenü long term.

We make it.

We collaborate in a trusted relationship with our suppliers. One that’s built on shared long-term success. To this end, we intend to deliver on the contracts with our business partners. Reliability, quality, price, flexibility and open communication are important to us because fairness counts in business.

We make it.

Get involved and make a difference. This is how we show our dedication to people and the planet. Eating a well-balanced diet is good for you and protects the environment. Our commitment to this is shown, for example, in our cook@school campaign, visits to local producers and workshops. More information on our nutrition education

As a member of the Verband Deutscher Schul- und Kitacaterer e.V. (VDSKC) (the non-profit Association of German School and Daycare Caterers) we advocate for advances and change in our industry. Caterers and food services works across Germany come together in this association.

As a United Against Waste member, we also help to reduce food waste.