We make it. Inspiring.

We make it. Inspiring.

We strive for diversity and variety. Because people have different tastes, and a colourful life is simply more interesting. That’s why we offer a modular approach to catering. The components of our offering work together and can be combined individually to suit your needs. Because people meet over a meal for a wide range of reasons – whether in educational institutions, at companies, or in restaurants and hotel or at events.
Because it’s about much more than cooking, we also ensure the best possible services. Digital technologies ensure smooth processes from delivery to invoicing. We provide each customer with a solution that fits their needs to ensure all parties are satisfied. Our attitude and commitment are visible by the smile in our logo.
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We make it. Value-driven.

We want to answer social questions with a clear conscience. Can everyone really afford the food we prepare? Are we doing enough for the environment? Are we socially acceptable as an employer?  In this sense, sustainable to us also means continual improvement. We rethink things and improve them. This applies to recipes as well as to processes or our concepts. Our values guide us and are reflected in our 360-degree catering offering. It also helps ensure satisfied customers and guests. Our promise is reflected in our motto: We make it. Possible.

Our core values


We act ecologically, economically and socially responsibly.


We are reliable and stand by our word.


We are guided by proven and scientific findings.


We are open to new ideas and continual progress.


We provide inspiration and share knowledge.

We make it. Real.

  • One of the leading caterers for kindergarten and school
  • Daily 140,000 meals for adults and children
  • 1.100 employees
  • More than 30 locations
  • 1,200 entities


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