VielfaltMenü supports health day at Dr. Optics


VielfaltMenü improves health and well-being of Docter Optics employees

VielfaltMenü, as the service provider of the canteen in Neustadt an der Orla, actively supported the healthy day organized for the employees of Docter Optics. The aim of this day was to promote the health and well-being of Docter Optics' employees and to inform and motivate them about healthy eating practices and an active lifestyle.

As a competent partner in matters of healthy nutrition at the workplace, VielfaltMenü convinces with knowledge, experience, quality as well as diverse offers.

The VielfaltMenü team prepared healthy and light bowls with great passion and expertise. These were filled with fresh ingredients such as crunchy vegetables, lean meat and healthy carbohydrates. The careful preparation and rich flavors created a taste experience that was much appreciated by the participants of the health day.

To promote the well-being of visitors, the day included health checks, fitness and exercise activities and information sessions on healthy eating in addition to the healthy lunch.

"We recognize the importance of health and wellness in the workplace and are actively committed to helping employees achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. With VielfaltMenü as the operator of our canteen, we have found a competent partner who actively supports us in this endeavor," said Ms. Wegener-Kramer, human resources officer at Docter Optics.

The health day was a great opportunity for VielfaltMenü to demonstrate its expertise in the field of healthy nutrition and, at the same time, to show how delicious healthy dishes taste and how they can contribute to well-being.

"The well-being of our customers is very important to us. We want to support them with our menu design so that they can choose a healthy diet every day anew, which helps them start the afternoon full of energy after the lunch break," said Jan Englert, Business Manager Thuringia of VielfaltMenü.

The collaboration between VielfaltMenü and Docter Optics in organizing the health day was a complete success. Together, the employees were made aware of the important role nutrition plays in terms of well-being and health and how enjoyable a healthy diet can be.

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