Aspiring Paralympics swimmer on Team VielfaltMenü

Balanced, healthy nutrition is a top priority for us. A healthy lifestyle also includes exercise and sports. At the Potsdam "Friedrich Ludwig Jahn" sports school, we prove every day that we know all about appropriate nutrition for athletes. As the operator of the school canteen and cafeteria, we feed the students here every day and accompany them on the path of their athletic career.
We also have athletic talent behind the scenes, like our respected colleague Janina Breuer, who has been working in the school kitchen in Potsdam since the beginning of the year.

Janina Breuer, a member of the BPRSV, achieved outstanding success at this year's German Championships in July 2023. She secured precious metal in all three of her starts and impressed with her skills. This is another milestone in her career, as she is already a double world champion and was the youngest member of the German team at the 2016 Paralympics. In 2017, she won gold in backstroke and butterfly and two silver medals in freestyle and medley.

At VielfaltMenü, we stand behind Janina and are committed to providing the best possible support for her training and competition preparation - including, for example, her preparations for the Paralympics in Paris in 2024 - so that she can reach her full potential as a swimmer.

Janina Breuer is an inspiring role model for many young athletes and embodies the spirit of sport and perseverance. We wish our colleague continued success!
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