"der_lachende_teller" is born!

"der_lachende_teller" is born!

On our new Instagram account "der_lachende_teller" we serve exciting info on the topics of nutrition and nutrition education for children and teenagers.
We provide practical tips for everyday life and present delicious recipes to try out as well as inspiring trends.

At the same time, we are only too happy to share our expertise: How can I give my child a balanced diet? What do I have to watch out for? What to do in case of allergies? Which ingredients will strengthen his immune system?

In the process, "der_lachende_teller" should become a family dinner. We invite you to the table and are very happy about new followers, questions, comments and suggestions.

Curious about the whole variety of nutrition education for kids and teens - here's our channel: der_lachende_teller

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