67,000 bread boxes for Berlin and Brandenburg schools

This year, the Bio-Brotboxen pack campaign for first-graders in Berlin and Brandenburg took place again on September 24, 2023. The initiative was launched back in 2002 by Renate Künast and Dr. Burkhardt Sonnenstuhl. Since then, supporting companies (including VielfaltMenü) and volunteers have ensured that the breakfast boxes are packed for the start of school every year.
Many celebrities from the worlds of politics, sports and culture will also be there. Among them was Cem Özdemir, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture. Özdemir emphasized the importance of a healthy breakfast for children and young people. Unfortunately, he said, this was by no means a matter of course in all families. The Federal Minister of Food praised the Berlin initiative as an exemplary commitment that will have an impact beyond the day. As this is, of course, only a one-off campaign, he said, every school needs a canteen that provides the children with a fresh and healthy supply every day.
As a long-time supporter, we were also active again: "Healthy nutrition for children and young people is very close to our hearts. We are committed to this every day in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as throughout Germany. That's why it was a matter of course for us to actively contribute to this great project with our colleagues again this year. We have been involved for many years. Initiatives like this are important for bringing attention to the issue. I think it's great that the initiative works every year to give first-graders a treat and draws attention to the fact that every child should get a healthy breakfast every day. We support that!" says Yasar Akkas, VielfaltMenü business manager for the Berlin region.

A total of around 67,000 bread boxes were packed and distributed to schoolchildren in Berlin and Brandenburg on September 25, 2023. The initiative pursues the goal that every child in Germany should have a healthy breakfast, regardless of their family situation. This is because it enables concentrated learning and provides energy reserves for the day. This opportunity should be available to all children equally. Teachers can also impart knowledge about healthy nutrition and organic farming during a joint breakfast. This makes a significant contribution to children being able to actively shape their own future.
The box-packing campaign thus once again raises awareness of an important issue that deserves attention and action. For daycare centers, schools, caterers and politicians, the task now is to take up this impetus.

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